Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is based on the scientific principles of Developmental Kinesiology, which is the science of human motor development during the first year of life, from birth to walking. DNS is a functional rehabilitation approach which stimulates movement control centers in the brain to activate how our bodies were meant to move by restoring and stabilizing locomotor (movement) function. The goal is to achieve optimal muscle coordination by exercising in developmental positions. This is the core of ESM Clinics Integrated Rehabilitation Approach.  
Benefits of DNS Training:
  • Restores proper function of the entire body
  • Improves range of motion and stability
  • Stimulates movement control centers in the brain, helping the brain and body communicate more effectively
  • Enables your body to re-establish global movement patterns, retraining it to do what it once did naturally
ESM DNS Group Classes will allow you to:
  • Learn DNS Positions and Flows
  • Strengthen your deep stabilizing muscles
  • Work on strengthening and controlling your body positioning
  • Evaluate & optimize your bodies movements for sport and healthier daily activity
Our classes are limited to 5 participants and registration is based on first come first serve. You can join us daily, every other day, or weekly to restore & improve how your body is supposed to move! We have decided to keep reduced class sizes to ensure a clean & safe environment, while also being able to spend more time with each class participant.

For more individualized DNS training, we recommend a functional assessment with an ESM Chiropractor and then you can book 1-1 sessions with our rehab specialist once you know what limitations exist. For more information on booking, please contact us here.