What Is Functional Medicine?

The functional medicine model of care offers a patient-centered approach to chronic disease management. It seeks to answer the question, “Why are you ill?” so you can receive personalized, effective care for your needs.

Your Functional Medicine Practitioner takes the time to get to know you. The more we know about your health history, lifestyle, genetics, and symptoms, the more we understand what makes you, you. Using our in-depth assessment, we are able to thoroughly understand your complete medical history, giving us information to identify the root cause(s) of the illness, including triggers such as poor nutrition, stress, toxins, allergens, genetics and your microbiome (the bacteria living in and on your body).

Once we identify the triggers, we can customize a holistic living plan for you. Your plan will address many aspects of your life, from physical needs, including nutrition, exercise and sleep, to mental, emotional & environmental stressors related to social, work and home & community life.

The foundation of functional medicine is the use of supplementation & food as a first-line therapy. The right nutrition & supplementation, combined with lifestyle and behavioural interventions, will help you take charge of your health.

    Conditions We Treat With Functional Medicine

    Anyone facing a chronic condition can benefit from functional medicine. Some of the most common conditions we treat include:

    • Adrenal disorders.
    • Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
    • Arthritis.
    • Asthma.
    • Autoimmune diseases.
    • Cancer prevention.
    • Cardiovascular disease.
    • Diabetes.
    • Digestive disorders.
    • Fibromyalgia.
    • Environmental and food allergies.
    • Women’s health disorders (PMS, menopause and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
    • Metabolic syndrome, prediabetes and insulin resistance.
    • Thyroid disorders.

    What to Expect

    Before your first visit, you complete an extensive medical history questionnaire. The information you provide lays the groundwork for our analysis into the root cause(s) of your current chronic condition. The extensive medical history questionnaire will ask you about your:

    • Lifestyle: Including your diet, activity level, work life, hobbies and stressors.

    • Genetics: Including your family history of physical and mental conditions.

    • Environment: Including your exposure to toxins and allergens.

    Once complete you will book your Initial Appointment at which time your Functional Medicine Practitioner will review their findings, as well as dive deeper into key area of your health history questionnaire. At this stage your practitioner  will discuss next steps (specialized testing) and what your program of care will look like. *As each program of care is tailored to your individual findings, each program of care delivered may differ significantly.  

    Take the Next Step

    Make a real change in your health, from the inside out. We offer in-person, phone, and virtual appointments for both one-on-one and group program appointments. Not sure which path is right for you? Book a Discovery Call so we learn more about you and review your options.