ESM Clinics Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Aaron Zadek has a passion for sport performance; helping professional and amateur athletes find that next level. He uses an evidence based approach to provide individualized sport therapy, nutrition coaching, and supplement plans to optimize your in-sport execution as well as injury recovery.

A typical visit with Dr. Zadek will include:

  • review of your sport goals
  • understand your obstacles to performance
  • work with you to help implement strategies to improve training outcomes, optimize recovery, and have you feeling your best.

Dr. Zadek uses many techniques in treatment including: cupping, acupuncture, soft tissue, and sport psychology to help relieve sore muscles and aid in physical and mental recovery. Dr. Zadek also travels as an onsite therapist and nutritionist for professional athletes; supervising their physical and mental preparation for competition, weight management, post-competition injury assessment and acute therapy. 

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