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Normatec Hyperice Legacy Pack

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The Legacy Pack includes everything you need for massage and recovery. Help relieve and revive sore, stiff and hard-working muscles. Get fresh legs faster, warm up pre-workout and recover post training.

01 NormaTec Pulse 2.0 System
Cutting-edge compression technology in a system that is compact, fully connected, and highly effective. Give your body a competitive edge with the NormaTec air compression massage.
02 Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth
Designed for peak performance, every time. The Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth was engineered for relaxation. The lightweight durable ergonomic design of The Hypervolt Plus is perfectly portable.
03 Normatec Backpack
The NormaTec Backpack featues a detachable NormaTec device case with padded lining, compression-molded sunglass case and elastic side pockets.